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What Does your Scorebord Say

By any measure beyond my intrinsic goals, I had what most would say was a horrible swim meet, ask me, I just set the world on fire!

 I started in the water because I didn’t have low profile goggles to come off the blocks without my googles ending up around my nose, I touch and turn at the wall because a flip turn has not been added to my training profile, whip those components into any swim race in a pool and my disadvantages multiply exponentially.  That said, a guy who was afraid he would drown in 5 feet of water standing 5-I feet tall raced in a swim meet, finished in a time that when extrapolated into 750 meters brings my Sprint Swim to less than 10 minutes, I call that winning, focusing on my own progress and measuring how far I’ve come is a win all day long!

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