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Under Armour Shamrock 5K

An elusive PR

 The Shamrock 5k is one of the largest races in Baltimore, with a typical sold out field of around 5,000 runners. I have been running this race for the past 5 years, and the first one that I did really sort of marked my first attempt at getting into endurance sports at all.

5 years ago I think I finished the 5k in around 25-26 minutes. I shaved time off with each year, until the minutes shrunk to seconds. The last couple years, my 5ks seemed to top out between 21:15-21:30, and it just seemed like that goal of going sub-21 was elusive.

So, while not a time that some much faster runners would fuss over, for me to finally cross the line under 21 minutes this year felt awesome, and now makes me feel like my goal of going sub-20 next is obtainable.

I know it is not a coincidence that this breakthrough happened in my first season training under A.J. as my coach. WIth this kind of progress this early in the season, I can't wait to see what I can accomplish later thus summer.

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